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About us

SOPRA was founded in 1990 by the group of three friends: Adam Stryszewski, Jacek Kukla and Jerzy Nowicki. The company’s management hasn’t changed till now.

Since the very beginning the company is taking care of wholesale trade of well-known global brands such as: Ferrero, Jacobs, Mars and Nestle.

We know everything about Kinder Suprise eggs, Snickers or Milka chocolate, Halls drops, Coca Cola, Lion or other sweets have no secrets for us.

We are cooperating with many distributors not only from our region, but also from Europe. That’s why our company is constantly searching for new suppliers and customers.



Adam Stryszewski
+48 12 290 290 6
Jacek Kukla
+48 609 608 608
Jerzy Nowicki
+48 607 23 73 77

ul. Pana Tadeusza 6, 30-727 Kraków

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+48 12 290-290-6

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